What is WordPress? And Why should you choose WordPress?

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If you are reading my article, let me guess.

You want to learn how to use WordPress, right?

Good news:

Learning how to use WordPress is not difficult. But, first, you should know some basics such as: What is WordPress? And Why should you choose WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source software written in PHP. It uses MySQL as a database management system.

WordPress started in 2003 (27/05/2003) by authors Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. At present, Automattic is the company which is responsible for maintaining and developing WordPress.

Everyone has used WordPress to create personal blogs for a long time. And WordPress itself is one of the most popular open source softwares because it is easy to use and owns many powerful features.

Over time, the number of WordPress users are increasing. A lot of developers have taken part in developing WordPress. They make great features for WordPress.

Nowadays WordPress support users in creating many kinds of websites including blogs, magazine/news, portfolio, e-commerce sites.

Yes, almost sites from small to large scale can leverage WordPress platform.

If you are curious about the popularity of WordPress, check out 14 surprising facts about WordPress usage. Many big players in the industry are running on WordPress platform, for example, TechCrunch, Mashable, CNN, BB America.

Why do you choose WordPress?

If you are unsure about WordPress, I list some reasons that convince you to choose WordPress as a platform to build your website.

Easy to use

WordPress orients to normal users who has the technical knowledge to develop websites by themselves. Once you learn how to use WordPress, you figure out every step are easy to follow. The administrative interface is intuitive. Sure, you don’t take much time to manage a WordPress website.

Installing WordPress is an easy task. You can install WordPress on self-host by yourself only with some mouse clicks.

A thriving supportive community

As mentioned above, WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world. It means if you face any issues with WordPress you are easy to find support from the community. Only take the time to search on Google, you will find the solution to your problem soon.

Ready-to-use themes

The theme is the interface part of a WordPress website. At present, WordPress has thousands of free themes on WordPress.org. Therefore, it is easy to change the layout of a WordPress website without concerning about designing a theme.

If you want to have a professional and stunning website, you can buy countless premium themes out there.

Many powerful plugins

The plugin is the way to expand the built-in functionalities of WordPress platform. For example, by default, after installing a WordPress website, you don’t have related post at the bottom. In such situation, you can install a free install to gain that functionality.

Similar to themes there are many premium plugins which bring many interesting features to your website. Their price is from $10 to $80, depending on their complexity.

Easy to tweak for developers

If you are comfortable in using HTML, CSS, PHP, you easy to tweak your WordPress website. WordPress is an open source software. Therefore, it is easy to understand how WordPress works by view its source code and develop many new features as well.

You can use thousands of built-in functions. Or you can change the structure of a function with filter hook.

In general, WordPress is a developer friendly platform.

Support many languages

WordPress support a lot of languages. Therefore, you can install WordPress in your language. Also, it is easy to translate themes and plugin.

Create many kinds of website

With WordPress, you create not only a personal blog but also many kinds of the website including an online store, portfolio site by using a combination of themes and plugins.

Preparation for learning WordPress

Before learning how to use WordPress, you need to prepare some basic skills as the following:

Know how to use computer and the Internet

Of course, you must know how to use the computer and internet before learning WordPress.

Own Credit Card


Credit Card helps you buy some essential products such as domain, hosting, theme, plugin, etc.


In this short article, I help you understand what WordPress is. If you want to own a website with a tight budget, choose WordPress.

It is free. It is easy to use.

Keep learning WordPress with LookWP.

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