WebHostFace review: 90% off promo starting only $0.69/month

WebHostFace review: 90% off promo starting only $0.69/month
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WebHosftFace is an American new hosting provider.

It is found in 2013.

As a hosting company, it has a full of hosting service including shared host, VPS, dedicated hosting. And of course registering domain service.

But the shared host is still the most popular service.

After years of providing hosting services, the company is getting positive reviews from a lot of people. They consider WebHostFace as a hosting provider with fast speed and good support.

So, is hosting at WebHostFace right for your WordPress website?

Keep reading.

You will know ins and outs in my review.

At present, I register a hosting plan at WebHostFace. Thus all my opinions in this review is from my real experience with WebHostFace

The advantages of hosting at WebHostFace

1. High Speed

WebHostFace has 4 data centers: 2 in America, 1 in Germany and 1 in Singapore.

Thus, you easily find a location near your audience.

As you know a location near your audience will help your website get high speed.

As I mentioned above, my new blog is Vietnamese. So I choose Singapore location.

After I set up my blog, I find my blog has good speed.

Here’s my screenshot of speed test from GTMetrix:

webhostface 13

2. Good Support

When I search reviews on WebHostFace, I find everyone gets impressed with good service of WebHostFace.

In fact, WebHostFace gives you a lot of types of support including ticket, live chat, phone call. Or you can send your questions through Twitter. Their Twitter is always active.

You can access the support service 24/7. Sounds great, right?

I also satisfy with the quality of support from WebHostFace.

After I register a hosting plan here, I know that I choose a wrong location. Instead of choosing Singapore, I choose USA location.

Then I use live chat to request a support.

webhostface 8

I don’t have to wait too long. Support staff joins chat most immediately. He is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guy.

webhostface 10

3. Choose many PHP versions

You may know that:

Upgrade to latest PHP is also a way to speed up your website.

But unfortunately:

Many hosting providers out there don’t allow you to upgrade to latest PHP version.

If you decide to host your website with WebHostFace, you can upgrade to latest PHP (PHP 7.1 at the time of my writing). So you can enjoy improving the speed of your website.

webhostface 14

4. Daily backup

WebHostFace does daily backup for all websites hosting here. They use R1Soft integrated into cPanel to do the backup task.

webhostface 15

You can easily restore your website if you face an unexpected situation for your website.

5. 30-day money back guarantee

You don’t have any risks when you decide to use hosting service at WebHostFace.

If you don’t satisfy with their service, you request a refund within 30 days since registration.

Note: you use extra services you won’t refund those fees.

About this point, WebHostFace isn’t attractive as A2Hosting. With A2Hosting, you can get a refund for the remaining duration you register.

6. Free website transfer

If you are using hosting of another hosting provider, you can use free website transfer if you move to WebHostFace.

However, the number of websites you can transfers depends on hosting plan you register.

If you have experiment with WordPress and hosting, it is easy to move your website to another hosting provider.

I take some minutes to move my blog from HawkHost to WebHostFace.

7. Free Let’s Encrypt

Installing SSL certificate is a tendency nowadays.

And most people choose Let’s Encrypt certificate.


It is free and is integrated into cPanel. Thus it is easy to install Let’s Encrypt SSL.

However, many hosting providers don’t have Let’s Encrypt SSL integrated into cPanel. This makes difficult for you to install this certificate.

With WebHostFace, you can use Let’s Encrypt SSS integrated into CPanel

webhostface 16

Disadvantages of WebHostFace

The price of WebHostFace is rather pricey compared to some hosting providers.

Specifically, WebHostFace gives 3 hosting plans as follows:

Face Standard: $6.9 /month

Face Extra: $10.9 /month

Face Ultima: $19.9/month

But don’t worry!

At present, you can get a super cheap hosting plan with the crazy sale.

WebHostFace has 90% off promo.

Also, you can buy lifetime hosting here.

Sound interesting, right?

Here are the details:

Face Standard: $180

Face Extra: $360

Face Ultima: $600

All shared hosting plan have limits on disk space. I will have 15/20/30 GB disk space depending on your hosting plan.

Another point:

The cheapest hosting plan only allows you to install a website. If you want to install a lot of websites, you must pay $2/month.

Therefore, Face Standard isn’t attractive as Primary Plan of HawkHost when it comes to a number of websites.

Final thought

WebHostingFace is a hosting provider which is worth checking out.

With many locations, you can find a location near your ideal audience.

In fact, my blog hosted on WebHostFace has a good speed.

I feel impressed with the quality of support. Support staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

If you want to register a hosting plan, take it soon with 90% off the promo.

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