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How to set up a Linode VPS for beginners

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In a previous post, you know how to get free 20$ credit VPS Linode

In this post,  I show you how to set up a Linode VPS. ​

Step-by-step guide of how to set up a Linode VPS​

Step 1: Choose a hosting package suiting your need. 

Go to Linode Manager

First, you need to add a Linode.

​If you are starting a WordPress website, you should choose the cheapest package, Linode 1024. This package has the following configuration: 20 GB Storage, 1 CPU Core, 1TB Bandwidth, 1GB RAM. 

Linode allows you to upgrade to the higher package without affecting your current websites. 

At location, you should choose a location near your customers. ​So that your websites can serve them with maximum speed. 

set up a linode vps 1

Click Add this Linode button to continue. 

Step 2: Select a OS (Operating System)

​On the next screen, you click Dashboard link. 

set up a linode vps 2

Click Deploy an Image link

set up a linode vps 3

On Deploy screen, you enter the information as follows: 


Choose an OS. If you set up a VPS for your WordPress website, you can choose CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 16.04. Both theme are popular and have high performance. ​

​Deployment Disk Size & Swap Disk: 

​Two these values relates closely. So that I will explain in details. 

You need swap disk with volume twice than RAM volume. If  RAM is 1GB, swap disk should be 2GB.

Assume that the storage of  your package is 20 GB, you will set 18 GB for Deployment Disk Size.  ​Remaining 2GB is used for Swap Disk. 

At this screen, Linode only allows you to choose maxium 512 MB for Swap Disk. So that, you will adju​st Swap Disk to value twice than RAM volume after deploying an image. 

Root password:

Enter your root password. You need it to connect to your VPS. ​

set up a linode vps 4

After you deploy an Image, you need to click Edit link of Swap Image. Then you adjust Swap Disk Size as I explain above. 

set up a linode vps 5

Now you click Boot button to start your VPS. 

Step 3: Connect to Linode VPS

To connect to your VPS, you need the following information: IP Address, password of user "root". 

To get IP Address, click Remote Access tab. 

set up a linode vps 6

After you have enough information, you use SSH Client as MobaXterm to connect to VPS.  

Next, you learn how to set up web server and install WordPress on VPS.

If you have any problems, let me know in the comment box. ​

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