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How to install EasyEngine on Ubuntu VPS

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This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series How to use EasyEngine

What is EasyEngine?

EasyEngine is a Python script helping you automatically install NGINX, MySQL, PHP 7 & dependencies with a single command.

EasyEngine only supports Ubuntu. You can’t install EasyEngine on CentOS.

In this guide, I show you how to install EasyEngine on Ubuntu VPS


  • A fresh VPS on which you have just deployed an Ubuntu version (recommended 16.04 version).
  • Use SSH Client as MobaXTerm to connect to VPS with root user.

How to install EasyEngine on Ubuntu VPS

Run the following command to install EasyEngine:

You need to provide your name and email:

how to install EasyEngine 1

After the install is complete, you will the content as below:

how to install EasyEngine 2

Once EasyEngine is installed, you can use the commands provided by EasyEngine.

Now we install NGINX, PHP, MYSQL, and dependencies.

Install Nginx

Install nginx with the following command:

how to install EasyEngine 3

You see HTTP Auth username and password. You can use them to access to admin site (https://your_ip_adress:22222). But at the present, we don’t install any admin tools. So that you will access admin site later.

Install PHP 7

Run the following command to install PHP 7

how to install EasyEngine 4

Install MySQL

You install MySQL with the following command:

how to install EasyEngine 5

Install WP CLI

WP CLI helps you easily manage WordPress website with the commands. You should it with the following:

Install PHPMyAdmin

PHPMyAdmin helps you manage the database. Install it by running the following:

Install Utilities

EasyEngine allows you install many utilities such as phpMemcachedAdmin, OPcache, Webgrind, Anemometer.

You can install them by issuing the following command:

Now Memcached server is started. You can check it with the following command:

how to install EasyEngine 6

Now you can access to admin site (https://your_ip_adress:22222). Remember to use the username and password provided by EasyEngine above.

If you forget them, you create new value with the following command:

When you access https://your_ip_adress:22222 you will the following screen:

how to install EasyEngine 7

If you want to change port 22222 to another value, run the following command:

Here I change 22222 to 1234. You use your favorite port.

Access PHPMyAdmin

You can access PHPMyAdmin tool through the path: https://ip:22222/db/pma/

However, you can face the error: File ./vendor/autoload.php missing or not readable.

how to install EasyEngine 8

From PHPMyAdmin 4.7.0, it uses Composer to manage dependencies.

Therefore, you need to install the Composer to fix the error.

Run the following command to install the Composer:

Now go to the directory containing PHPMyAdmin

Run the following command:

Now you can access PHPMyAdmin without any errors.

You can use the root account to log in PHPMyAdmin. Get root password by using the following command:

Adminer tool

Adminer is also a database management tool similar to PHPMyAdmin. Many people find it is better than PHPMyAdmin.

EasyEngine allows you to use Adminer instead of PHPMyAdmin. You can install Adminer with the following command:

After the Adminer tool is installed, you can access it through the path https://ip:22222/db/adminer/

That’s all. You learned how to install EasyEngine on Ubuntu VPS.

If you have any problems, please let me know in the comment box. 

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