How to configure Redis cache on HawkHost
I have good news for you:According to a notification on HawkHost’s blog, this hosting provider support Redis Cache all shared hosting plans.Both Memcached and Redis are grouped in a new category named cPanel Application Manager.In this post, I show you how to configure Redis Cache for WordPress blogs.What is Redis Cache?Redis Cache is a caching system… (0 comment)

How to change permalink structure for Woocommerce
You have just installed Woocommerce plugin. It is time to change the permalink structure.In this article, you will know how to change default permalink structure. Therefore, you have will SEO friendly permalink structure.How to set up permalink for WoocommerceTo change the permalink for Woocommerce, head over to Setting -> Permalinks.Now you see the options which… (2 comments)

How to install SSL for WordPress website
As you know, Google uses SSL as one of ranking signals. It means if you install SSL on your website, you have a big chance to improve your searching rank.Also, Google notifies Chrome browser will give a warning if your website doesn’t use HTTPS from the beginning of the 2017 year.Thus, installing SSL is a… (0 comment)

How to install WordPress theme in 5 minutes
There are a ton of beautiful WordPress themes. That is why many people love using WordPress to start their website. Most importantly, it is easy to install a WordPress theme.In this post, I give a detailed guide on how to install WordPress Theme if you are a newbie.At present, we have three different ways to… (0 comment)

A tour of WordPress settings for beginners
Earlier I have written a post that shows you how to set up a WordPress website on localhost. It is time to glance at WordPress interface.In this post, I walk you through some key settings in WordPress. By understanding such important settings, you have a solid foundation to operate your WordPress website easily and smoothly.Let’s… (0 comment)
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