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Immigration ceased in 1938. The Archives is open daily to offer assistance to local historians, property researchers, genealogists and students. The Aftercare Service can facilitate access to records for former residents, people we currently support and former employees. Quarriers Homes, Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire This page has now been migrated to the new Children's Homes site www.childrenshomes.org.uk where extensive information can also be found on many hundreds of other children's homes. Work is underway on reviewing and analysing all the evidence in each of the Christian Brothers, Benedictines and Marists case studies and findings will be published as soon as possible. Quarriers Homes William Quarrier memorial archway (constructed from stone from the house where he was born), 2005. In 1871, Glasgow shoemaker William Quarrier founded an organisation which offered help to the thousands of destitute children in Glasgows infamous slums. Wilson simply mumbled, "I don't know". PeterHigginbotham, Quarriers Homes (detail), c.1910. Phonelines open from Thursday the 9th December after 10am. All in all, over 7,000 children were sent to Canada by the Orphan Homes of Scotland (Quarriers). Throughout adulthood she has suffered from a depressive illness and lives on 50-a-week disability allowance because she can't work. Examples of photographic ID include passport, driving licence or disabled drivers badge. In 1919, the Homes were given two properties, Torr Aluinn and Hoop House, next to the sea on on the Firth of Clyde, for use as summer holiday homes. Please read Understanding catalogue records for help interpreting this information and Using footage for more information about accessing this film. 5. SC001960, Quarriers Head Office, 20 St Kenneth Drive, Glasgow, G51 4QD / Tel: 01505 612224/616000, Photograph of cottage that they lived in (subject to availability). The 75 year-old who used to tell children she had been sent by GOD, was put on probation for three years after she admitted five charges of cruelty. It cost ten pounds per child to outfit and transport them. 3D WALKTHROUGH. stream They were also required to attend school classes in the evening and a Sunday school. More than 30,000 children have passed through Quarriers doors since Victorian times. In 1876, two pivotal things happened: Nittingshill farm was bought at Bridge-of-Weir, in Renfrewshire, with the idea of building Homes there based on the cottage system and the City Orphan Home in Glasgow on James Morrison Street was opened. (14.25). Information relating to the timetabling of future hearings will be provided as soon as we are able to do so. There are lovely examples of beautiful Victorian houses in the area. Over 400 Quarrier children had already been sent to Canada in care of Annie MacPherson or Ellen Bilbrough but with the growing amount of children ready for immigration, Quarrier, in 1888, purchased a building in Brockville, Ontario, called Fairknowe to be used as his own receiving home. More Details Former house parent Joseph Nicholson - nicknamed "Uncle Joe" - from Aberdeenshire, was jailed for two years in 2001 for abusing a 13 year-old girl over an 18-month period during the late 1960's. Which one was up to them. Cottage homes 'villages' were generally sited in the country and comprised a number of houses each containing thirty or forty children and two house parents in a 'family group'. Select sheet 30 - Glasgow. Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry /QAB/findings Quarriers. A similar scheme followed for another group of Glasgow children who sold newspapers in the city's streets. William decided that now that he was no longer poor he had to help and established a Shoeblack Brigade for children living on the streets. Quarriers Village was established in 1878 by philanthropist William Quarrier, a successful merchant who had started his working life at the age of seven as a pin maker. William Quarrier was born on September 6th 1829 at Crosshore Street, Greenock in Renfrewshire. FBGA try to reconcile differences with Association to no avail. Mrs Y left Quarriers at the age of 17 in 1968 and joined the Army. PeterHigginbotham. Six years later, he opened his own shoe shop, soon followed by two more. Please use the Hire, buy or ask a question button to ask about obtaining a copy of this film or a licence to use it, or to ask about its copyright status. including elevated shots of children walking through streets (1.53) shot of man walking out of building carrying suitcases, followed by an adolescent black? She died in 1995, nine years before the past finally caught up with Wilson. This has been difficult because the Association has consistently dragged its feet and been uncooperative. endobj Description: Further updates and information will be posted on the FBGA website in due course. In 2013, The William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre opened in Glasgow, offering world-leading treatment and diagnostic facilities in a central, more accessible location. Quarriers is playing a full and active part in the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, which is underway in Edinburgh. The layout of the site as it was in the mid-1890s is shown on the map below. He worked with architect Robert Bryden to plan the Orphan Homes, and building work on the first cottage began the following year. QUARRIER'S HOMES This film is in copyright Please read Understanding catalogue records for help interpreting this information and Using footage for more information about accessing this film. William Quarrier (29 September 1829 - 16 October 1903) was a shoe retailer and philanthropist from Glasgow, Scotland. girl (2.01) Shot of half-timbered sandstone building, intercut with c/u of plaque, reading "WILLIAM QUARRIER FOUNDER OF THE HOMES LIVED HERE FROM 1886 TO 1906" panning down to three men, including a minister, includes brief shot of boys playing (2.29) girl run along a street in kilts (2.41) Arial shot of village (2.56) gvs a man hands five loaves to two boys in short trousers who hand them to a woman standing outside a house, dropping one (3.13) Two boys carry a heavy basket numbered "2", includes brief shot of two boys playing (3.27) Brief shot of trunks, one labelled "BROCKVILLE, CANADA" (3.30) gvs of church, including shots of children filing in from the surrounding streets (3.55) children crossing bridge (4.09) boys take off coats and boots (4.16) gvs boy peels potatoes into a low square enamel sink, before bringing them through to a woman who is measuring flour in the kitchen (4.38) Man walks through into bathroom, and washes a small boy's hair, while an older boy scrubs another one at the other end of the bath (5.14) C/u shot of boy playing harmonica accompanied on piano, while other boys play table tennis or play with a train set. Busy Days of preparation lead up to the event, the Colony patients taking their share. Get 3 Months of Audible audio books for just 99p! She tormented children as young as five with a "bogey man" called Baw Baw, made from a mop with a grass skirt. The three brigades had a joint headquarters the 'Industrial Brigade Home' in the Trongate. Lady Smith has not taken these decisions lightly but we must put the well‐being of our applicants, witnesses, staff and our communities at the forefront of our decisions. Over the last decade and more, we have co-operated fully with survivors and survivors groups. includes shots of a harvesting machine and men stacking sheaves (16.30) On 16th October, 1903, William Quarrier passed to his rest but his work continues still. Clarke, British Home Child Ship The Duchess of Atholl, Family Tree DNA British Home Child Database, BHCGI Canada 150th British Home Child 2017 Memorial Quilt, Australian Apology in 2009 to British Child Migrants, BHC Wallace Ford famous Broadway and screen actor, Gilles Duceppe and his grandfather John James Rowley. The organisation continued operating much as Quarrier had begun it until the early 1980s, with over 30,000 children being cared for during that period. These are just over the parish boundary from Bridge of Weir. PeterHigginbotham, Quarriers Homes laundry, c.1910. QUARRIER'S HOME FOR CHILDREN, BRIDGE OF WEIR, Production company: We applied for, and were granted, core participant status from the start because we feel strongly that care agencies should contribute fully and effectively in an open and transparent manner to help the Inquiry achieve its aims. 1948 also saw the establishment of the NHS, which meant that medical facilities such as the Consumption Sanatoria were now run by local health boards. PeterHigginbotham, Quarriers Homes Zion Church, 2005. The Archives is also home to a vast collection of historic photos and archival . WE HAD GREAT DIFFICULTIES EVEN AFTER BECOMING MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION AT THE BEHEST OF THE CHAIRMAN OF QUARRIERS. This film is protected by copyright and is provided for personal, private viewing only. I made many friends during my stay and would grateful if fellow patrons who can remember me and my brother Jack Hannah would contact me to share memories. I have one possibility to offer you. A land-locked ship, the James Arthur, was also in The Village in order to train up to 30 boys for the sea. Macpherson was an advocate of sending poor children to start new lives Canada, and convinced Quarrier of the benefits of such work. With the decline in sailing vessels, the ship was eventually removed, although evidence of its keel can still be seen in the cellar of the house built on the site at what is now 45 Faith Avenue. Our phone lines will operate Monday Friday between 10am and 4pm until further notice. All titles with videos PA11 3SX. PeterHigginbotham, Quarriers Homes carpentry workshop, c.1910. At this point, sixty children a year were being sent to Canada by Quarriers Orphan Homes of Scotland. Having risen out of poverty himself, Quarrier was driven to help the poor and helpless children running rampant in the slums of Glasgow. For 30 years David didn't tell a soul . The Quarriers finished with a team score of 419. I though if he did it to me, he wouldn't do it to my daughter". William Quarrier was born in 1829 in Greenock, Scotland. A fee is only payable to obtain a copy of the records. PeterHigginbotham, Quarriers Homes school building, 2005. Wilson stopped the car and as she leaned over to be sick Wilson sexually abused her. The vessel, funded by a Clydeside ship-builder, was cemented into the ground in 1887. PeterHigginbotham. Yet Wilson's catalogue of abuse was far from exceptional. PeterHigginbotham, Quarriers Homes children leaving school, c.1910. Quarriers Village PeterHigginbotham. The Aftercare Team maintains records held by the organisation since the 1870s when William Quarrier opened his first night shelter for Glasgow street children. Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry response to COVID19 update. Upon arrival in Canada, the children were distributed to MacPhersons Homes in Knowlton, Quebec, Belleville Ontario and finally Galt, Ontario. <> PA11 3SX. His intent was to open an Emigration Home in Glasgow. %PDF-1.7 Therefore, from 1919, the Orphan Homes School was officially maintained and managed by the Renfrewshire Education Authority. Soon an Invalid Home became available and a laundry, workshops, bakehouse, church, store and growing numbers of cottages were built. In 1898, the first Consumption Sanatoria building opened in Quarriers Village. "Would one of you girls come up and switch out the light!" William Quarrier passed away in October 1903, and his wife Isabella passed away the following year. of the homes. Each childs entry would have been recorded either in the history books or by an admission form. The Inquiry's essential investigative work and preparation for announced case studies continues. per half mile, or 3d. He did it once again when he visited her Glasgow home. includes shots of a harvesting machine and men stacking sheaves (16.30) On 16th October, 1903, William Quarrier passed to his rest but his work continues still. PeterHigginbotham. Inspired by contemporaries Thomas Barnardo and Annie Macpherson, William established a programme of emigration to Canada. We are proud of the significant good that Quarriers has achieved. Exclusive archive artice. Please note that the Aftercare Team will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. The developments typically included a school, church, infirmary, laundry, workshops etc. After that we all knew to say nothing. The Orphan Homes of Scotland opened on 17 September 1878, with two cottages and a central building which served as a school and church. This submission relates to the Redress for Survivors (Historical Child Abuse in Care) (Scotland) (SP Bill 79) as introduced in the Scottish At the heart of our position is the belief that all survivors of child abuse have the right to be heard and that Scotland should learn the lessons of its past, however painful, to strive to ensure that all children are treated with love and compassion and have the best start in life. The lawyer advised her to talk to the police. Shortly thereafter, 10 Renfrew was used just for boys and a smaller house was opened for girls at 93 Renfield Street. Shotlist: Renfrewshire, Bridge of Weir, Orphan Homes 1920's. British Home. It is a lovely village for a quiet walk. They were quickly both filled to overflowing, and a mansion was purchased in Cessnock, Govan for boys and two more were acquired for girls at Newstead and Elmpark in Govan Road. The Gateway Marks. It cost ten pounds per child to outfit and transport them. 35 children from Quarriers homes made the journey to Canada on board the St David on 2 July 1872. animated map of village (16.41) Exts buildings, c/u signs "Elise Hospital", "Campbell Maltman Home 1938" (17.03) gvs toddlers playing outside on a toy horse, tricycles and a toy car (17.50) Ints small children on a climbing frame (18.05) c/u sign "Laing Shrewbury Home" includes gvs of a row of prams on the lawn, with babies asleep and awake, women come to pick up the children to take them inside (18.31) gvs children playing tennis on courts (18.40) gvs boys playing rounders and cricket, some of the boys are barefoot (19.00) boys playing football (19.25) gvs girls playing netball and hockey (19.35) boys playing a table game similar to bagatelle? The Association of Quarriers Homes, accuse the FBGA of stealing the FBGA name. The summary includes a brief description of the collection(s) (usually including the covering dates of the collection), At the age of six, William began to contribute to the family income working a ten-hour day in a pin factory on Graeme Street for a weekly wage of one shilling. The full horror of Quarriers was revealed six years ago when one of McBrearty's victims went to her lawyer about an unconnected matter and mentioned what had happened at the home. The subject has given consent or legal authority to a third party (i.e. This film is protected by copyright and is provided for personal, private viewing only. endobj Mr Martin responded: "I thought you would have been devastated". Quarriers Director David Williams has confirmed that the Association of former boys and girls is NOT an official sanctioned organisation under the auspices of Quarriers Charity. 2023Peter Higginbotham. Quarrier's emigration activities continued and in 1887 he opened his own distributing home, 'Fairknowe', on First Avenue, Brockville, Ontario, where 120 new emigrants could be received. 3 0 obj (7.14) gvs single storey buildings (7.38) Ints women working at looms weaving tartan, cutting leather, and sewing handbags [*1949] (8.27) Epilepsy colony patients weaving baskets, and making chairs (8.47) [*1936, BW] [No credits] Exts children being led into house (8.55) c/u Illuminated rubric "Christ is the Head of the House" (8.57) Children singing action song (10.08) Shots of children's procession in grounds of Quarriers Homes, probably Coronation celebrations in 1937 (11.05) No credits. Former Boys and Girls Abused in Quarriers Homes . He then took up the cause of street children, first by setting up a Shoe-black Brigade. Mount Zion Church and Nittingshill Cemetery were opened on 6 March 1888, some ten years after the establishment of Quarriers Village. he would shout, and the girls would freeze in terror at the bottom of the stairs. Please use the Hire, buy or ask a question button to ask about obtaining a copy of this film or a licence to use it, or to ask about its copyright status. The full horror of Quarriers was revealed six years ago when one of McBrearty's victims went to her lawyer about an unconnected matter and mentioned what had happened at the home. The Inquiry has access to excellent IT and infrastructure allowing our teams to still work effectively. Unable to display Facebook posts.Show errorfunction cffShowError() { document.getElementById("cff-error-reason").style.display = "block"; document.getElementById("cff-show-error").style.display = "none"; }. _8pA,-53x u-Oi/++!0b4aj#SU. Aged just seven, William began working as a pin maker, and at age eight, he was an apprentice shoemaker. Copyright 2023 Quarriers. In 2001 he was jailed for 12 years for repeatedly raping two girls and indecently assaulting a third. Birth. s/track starts, children singing; leader (0.10) c/u's of infants in their prams with a shot of older children playing on a roundabout (0.32) teenagers disco dancing (1.07) illustration of William Quarrier 19th-century Scottish philanthropist followed by early still photographs and etchings of Victorian Glasgow (1.58) Reporter to camera standing in the grounds of the first Quarrier home for children in Bridge of Weir with the house in the background (2.49) tracking shot going through Quarrier's village (3.47) shots of Quarrier children sitting down to a meal (4.20) girls relaxing in their dormitory (4.37) talking head Iv with girls talking about their experiences living in a Quarrier home, and their family situations (6.19) Iv with Dr. Tim Davidson the Director of the home as they walk through the grounds, about social changes affecting the home, and the children (9.41) Iv with Mr and Mrs Tangeman who run a house as part of the home - a house mother and father - with responsibility for a number of children (11.06) shots of the various activities the home offers from a swimming pool to football and camping (11.57) talking head of reporter in a garden of one of the homes (12.50) talking head of Tim Davidson (13.10) school choir singing with another group playing instruments - Recorders, Tambourines etc.